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Thursday, November 03, 2005


by Michael Graham - a Great American!


Maryland Democrats insist that, while they may or may not agree that GOP Senate candidate Michael Steele is a "house Negro" or an "oreo" or an "Uncle Tom," but elected Democrat officials DO agree on one thing: It's not racist to use these slurs to describe him.Both Democratic gubernatorial candidates, Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley and Montgomery County Executive Doug Duncan refused to condemn these attacks. OK, so maybe they're just insensitive white guys. But what about black Del. Salima Marriott, who insists that these terms are "not racial. "If they call him the 'N' word, that's racial." But she doesn't see any racial connection to "house Negro" or "Uncle Tom."Why? Because Lt. Governor Steele "is a conservative, he is different from most public blacks...His politics are not in the best interest of the masses of black people."Well, Del. Marriott, I'M a conservative Republican. I agree with Michael Steele on many issues. Since the term isn't a racial slur, does that mean I'M a "house Negro?"Or, madame delegate, are you a racist idiot?

more at http://www.michaelgraham.com/

Only in Maryland

What would you call someone who goes to a black, and makes racial slurs, pelts him with Oreo Cookies and calls him and “Uncle Tom”? A racist’s right?

Well in the Great State of Maryland we call that Democratic campaign rally. Lt. Governor Michael Steele who is also a candidate for U. S. Senate has been called everything from Uncle Tom to House N**r. You might wonder who would do such a thing in such an enlighten “Blue State” like Maryland where the only ones intolerant are white Republicans, who would say such a thing. In Virginia they would call those people who use slurs like that racists. In Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky and all of the Red States comments like these aren’t tolerated. But in my blue state not are they only tolerated by they actually encourage remarks as such. Maryland Democrats all have come out and said these comments are insensitive but not racists. This is echoed by Black democrats as well.

Where is Rev. Jesse Jackson? Where is Rev. Al Sharpton? Where is former NAACP Chairman and fellow candidate for Senate Kweisi Mfume? Where is the Congressional black caucus? Where is Louis Farrakhan?

They are all campaigning for the two white guys running for Governor Marty O’Malley and Doug Duncan and some are probably working for that other white guy Ben Cardin who is running for US Senate. No one in the Maryland Democratic leadership has come out to condemn these remarks. Only thing they have said it is OK, its just political discourse and debate in an election year.

This is sickening, the Democrats were the first to get up and call Bush a racist for acting too slow to help Katrina victims, whom I will continue to say was the fault of the Governor and Mayor.

So, Maryland would you elect a closet Racist for Governor or Senate? Maybe they can learn something from the South where everyone is equal, where they don’t judge by the color of ones skin. Unlike Maryland, but what else can be expected from the party of the Slavery, the Klan, Segregation, Jim Crow and bigotry.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Breaking News!!! No, Indictments to be handed out by Fitzgerald

Confidential sources tell me that there will be no indictments handed down by grand jury looking into the leaking of inactive CIA agent Valerie Plame, whom was working a desk job at the CIA. She wasn’t active in over ten years when. Sourced tell us Special Independent Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald is beside himself since the jury won’t hand down indictments.

Many legal scholars agree no laws were broken by Karl Rove, Scooter Libby or anyone else in the administration.

It is reported that Democrat activist will hold and emergency meeting at Sen. Kennedy’s favorite bar (anywhere booze are available) to discuses what to do next now that they struck out again. Exclusive sources say there next move is to ask Attorney General Gonzales to appoint another independent council to look into how someone at the White House maybe involved in not rewinding video tapes when they returned video’s to Blockbuster. Reports say the Senator Clinton says they have not proof but it’s the seriousness of the charge we must look into the fact in the President in 1984 returned a movie without rewinding it. Sen. Clinton, I AM SICK AND TIRED OF RENTING MOVIES AND BRING THEM HOME AND TO LEARN THEY HAVEN’T BEEN REWINDED. The other day I got a letter from one of my constituents Esther Anderson and her husband Woody Anderson constantly have to rewind tapes because of people like President Bush said Esther. Her brother-in-law Fred a Junk Dealer said “Esther is just lazy and Woody is too drunk to push the rewind button most of the time.” Sen. Clinton lashed out at Mr. Sanford for being an elitist for calling his sister-in-law lazy and her husband a Drunk. Sen., Clinton with a tearful Esther and Woody said that when the President doesn’t rewind DVDs the common people won’t either. It says to our kids it’s ok not to Rewind and return DVDs.

Video Gate is what some on the Hill are calling this next scandal to rock the White House.

More to come on Video Gate…

For any liberal who actually thinks this is true it’s not and if you try to find Esther, and Woody Anderson or Fred Sanford, you can find them every night on TV LAND. One more time Liberals if you buy this well, then you have every right to look like a fool.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Communications without Commissions

Competitive Enterprise Institute
Communications without Commissions:
A National Plan for Reforming Telecom Regulation Issue Analysis
Braden Cox and Clyde Wayne Crews October 18, 2005
Executive Summary

U.S. communications is at an important inflection point. Cable, telephone, and wireless companies aim to compete against each other using the latest technologies. Our current laws, however, hinder this new competition and create legal distinctions at odds with market developments.

Communications policy must acknowledge that competition between technologies is a key ingredient not just for competition, but for promoting a national broadband policy. The best way to create a fertile environment for achieving President Bush’s goal of universal broadband access by 2007 is through a series of deregulatory legislative initiatives. Communications regulation deserves more than a mere “update”—largely, it must be phased out.

The removal of government regulation—deregulation—does not mean that the industry is unregulated. Competition, or even the threat of competition, regulates the behaviors of companies in efficient and consumer-enhancing ways. In communications, competition exists among an increasing number of platforms.

Technological substitution—when providers compete with different technologies to supply the same service—is revolutionizing the telecommunications industry. Cable companies are now in the business of providing local phone service. Wireless phones have effectively replaced wireline telephones for long distance calls. Satellite competes against cable for consumers of video programming, and phone companies are rapidly developing a video offering that will compete against both satellite and cable.

Congress must consider these broad market developments and act in tailored ways that change communications law and reforms the agency that administers it. First, it should establish clear boundaries as to whether an area of communications should be regulated by federal or state governments. Additionally, Congress must restrict the role of the FCC in future communications regulation.

Moreover, a next generation communications policy must distinguish economic regulation from social welfare initiatives. Congress should eliminate rules that regulate market performance and focus on ways to implement social policy—such as universal service—in ways that do not require FCC oversight. Finally, Congress should restructure the FCC and provide a legislative mandate to increase the market’s role in managing spectrum rights. The FCC of the future (if it is to exist at all) should be limited to applying general unfair competition rules similar to that of the Federal Trade Commission.

The following analytical framework is a reform agenda for Congress. Whether proposed legislation tackles each separately or comprehensively, Congress must:

(1) Set regulatory boundaries

Preemption – Analyze which governmental authority—federal or state—is best suited for the role of regulator (if government regulation is required).
Prevention – Restrict the FCC’s jurisdiction by creating a “firewall” that would prevent it from regulating Internet Protocol-based services.

(2) Revisit rationales for economic and social policy regulation

Eliminate Economic Regulation – Rules that regulate prices and access need to be phased out entirely.
Divest Social Policy – Social goals should be disentangled from industry-specific taxes, price controls, technological mandates and other economic regulations.

(3) Reform the Federal Communications Commission


CEI is a non-partisan think tank located Washington visit their site for more information on variouse policy breiefs. www.cei.org

Maryland for Steele

Michael Steele announced today he will be running for U. S. Senate from the Free State. Lets look at Michael Steele's qualifications for the job, my friends on the left were whining about that all day, how Lt. Gov. Steele isn't qualifide to be a U. S. Senator.

So, I thought it might be fun to look at the gems the Democrats have running to fill the seat of out going Senator Sarbains.

First lets get to know Former Representative and Former NAA”L”CP Kweisi Mfume, he left the Hill in the 90’s to go run the NAACP. Mfume, was a reliable vote for the Union bosses and the anti-gun lobby, he opposes the 2nd Amendment. He supports the right for teenage girls to get an abortion without parental notification. He opposed the first Gulf War. He has a history of raising taxes, he voted for Clinton’s tax in crease in 1993.

Now lets look at Rep. Ben Cardin. Rep. Cardin represents the Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District. Rep. Cardin is to the left of Sen. Ted Kennedy and is a card caring member of the WE HATE PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH CLUB, actually I think he might be a charter member of this club. He like his primary challenger Emfume is a anti 2nd Amendment, Abortion for anyone who wants one, no parental notification for minors having an Abortion. Is a reliable vote for every fringe liberal organization in Washington.

Well the Democrats have me there Lt. Governor Steele has had no experience raising taxes, opposing right to life, opposing the 2nd Amendment. Lt. Governor Steele grew up in one of the poorest sections of Maryland. He worked his way out of poverty. Lt. Governor Steele is qualified in trusting Americans to spend there own money. He also knows you can spend your hard earned money better than some politican in Washington. Lt. Governor Steele would be a check on our other Liberal wacko Senator.

Breaking News - Home Page - Maryland Republican Party

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Hypocrites just plain and simple

Liberals are lecturing us on Ethics after eight years of Clinton – Gore administration. The Clinton administration did everything from selling the Lincoln Bedroom for fundraising to Selling Pardons. In case some of you Liberals have forgotten Bill Clinton was impeached and has be debarred for obstructing justice! Clinton solicited Saudis for money for his Presidential Library, why don’t the Clinton’s tell us who gave money for his Library if he didn’t ask for foreign leaders to contribute in exchange for benefits like looking the other way with terrorism was concerned.

Liberals like to demand things, how about this you can have Rep. Tom Delays personal information when Bill “the only President to be debarred” Clinton releases all the names of people who gave him money for his Presidential Library, we do know Marc Rich’s ex-wife gave you a bundle for the pardon, how much did the Saudi’s give you to look the other way when OBL was offered to you by Sudan?

Best Of ... commentary

The is an old commentary I wrote about the gas tax when prices were not as high as they are now

Gas Tax
By Dwight Patel

This morning I was filling up my jeep at the local Amoco station in my neighborhood. I paid $1.63 a gallon, and in Maryland that is a bargain. But I noticed something on the pump that I had not seen before. There was a little sticker which said that 42.8 cents of the price goes to the state and federal gas tax.

So the real price of the gas is only costs $1.20, and the government take is 43 cents. This is an outrage. The price of gas is not so high. The real problem is the tax. This is just another stealth tax on the consumer by the federal and state governments.

Back in 1998 I ran into Maryland Governor Paris Glendening, campaigning at the Silver Spring Metro in the morning. I asked the governor why the state gas tax was so high. He said we need the tax because we want to keep Maryland roads the finest in the country. Obviously he has never driven on Georgia Avenue (between the DC line and Randolph Road), Colesville Road (the Four Corners interchange to MD 193) or Veirs Mill (between University Blvd and Randolph Road and again from Twinbrook Parkway to Rockville Pike), and I am sure others can think of other roads in the Free State that are in shambles.

The governor was re-elected in 1998 and in the spring of 1999 he and certain members of the State Legislature wanted to hike the gas tax in Maryland. That was when the price of gas had fallen to below $1.00 at the pumps (remember there still was a 24.3 cents tax on gas in the Free State). One of the arguments was that with the price of gas being at an all-time low they could raise the gas tax by a nickel or dime without Marylanders noticing, since they were used to paying $1.15 -1.20 at the pump. AOCTP’s Maryland members engaged in a little e-Activism which shot the idea of a gas tax hike down in Maryland and handed the a liberal governor his biggest defeat.

We at AOCTP oppose the gas tax and support the elimination of the gas tax. We commended the Midwestern governors, starting with Indiana, for suspending the gas tax during the price run-up this last summer. And contrary to Pennsylvania’s Rep. Bud Schuster dire warnings, not one single bridge in the Midwest has collapsed, not one single tunnel has imploded, not a single highway has been become impassable from the debris on the road.

Last spring, when Congress debated the suspension of the gas tax, Rep. Schuster said it would be catastrophic to suspend the tax even for as little as five days. What Rep. Schuster apparently meant is that five days without highway pork would be catastrophic to his reelection campaign.

Dwight Patel is the Director of the Coalition for a Tax-Free Internet

That Old Shoe, that's our Gov!

Douglas M. Duncan announced this morning he would like to be Governor of the Not So Free State of Maryland. He has a few problems, but before I get to his slogan it “Think Bigger” this is the first honest Democrat I have heard from Think Bigger… A Democrat actually told us his intentions are to expand the government make it bigger and more bloated. I would bet my last dollar if he got elected he would do just that, grow the Government.

Fortunately he will never have the chance because he will lose to another Liberal who also wants to grow the Government Mayor and womanizer Martin “Marty” O’Malley, Mayor of Baltimore. My friends my state Maryland is a one town state it’s all about Baltimore, no one from this part of the state will ever get the Democratic nomination for Governor, notice I didn’t say Republican. The liberal democrat President of the Senate has already warned Duncan not to bash Baltimore, a warning saying you are gong to lose and if you want a job in the O’Malley administration shut up about how corrupt Baltimore City is and the County for that matter. Don’t bring up the Fact the resident of Baltimore would feel safer in Baghdad than in the Charm City.

One thing these Howie Dean Liberals are forgetting they have to face our friend Governor Bob who everyone loves. The Governor is your everyday guy you can go up to Bob on the street and say hey Bob how are you doing… and strike up a conversation with. Contrasted with O’Malley and Duncan who don’t want to be bothered or for that matter listen to you if you disagree with them. Gov. Bob will listen how do I know I have told spoken to Gov. Bob and told him I don’t agree with him on his pro public school stance. We agree to disagree then talk about how the O’s have let everyone down this past year. Gov Bob is a guy you can go fishing with, he is much like an old shoe nice and comfortable. Pose to high society liberals like Duncan and O’Malley.

So, to close they will have a knock down drag out fight but when the day is done Bob and Kendal will be in Annapolis for four more years to listen to me complain about how he spends too much on schools and should fire have the state employees, and how the O’s prospects are this season coming up and years to come. No, secret who I will be voting for in November 2006, it will be that old shoe, Governor Bob.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Political test

You are a

Social Moderate
(41% permissive)

and an...

Economic Conservative
(81% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

Friday, September 23, 2005

Liberals and the Law

What is it with liberals and the law, Friday going downtown on our public transit system known as metro. At the Takoma Park Metro station two liberals got on, how do I know they were liberals, well they had two buttons on one was BUSH LIED, KIDS DIED, and IMPEACH BUSH NOW! They were your typical Bush haters. Anyways the point it on Metro they have been known to arrest little girls for eating a French Fri on the train, so we know the metro cops are NAZI when it comes to eating or drinking on the trains. These two pull out a bag of chips and soda and start eating, they were having a little party. Well another rider told them they weren’t allowed to eat on the trains, they just ignored the rider kept on going, with there typical liberal mind set that if they disagree with a law they should break it.

I know two liberals eating on the metro isn’t a enough of a sample of unlawful liberals, but I have seen many in my neighborhood as well as on the beltway and on Interstate 95. I have noticed that the bad drivers who cut people off, make illegal turns or to be blunt just unsafe drivers, about 80% of the time they are Liberals they have the typical “It’s not over Bumper sticker” or “Kerry-Edward for President” or “Re-Defeat Bush in ‘04” or some liberal agenda bumper sticker.

So, I declare liberals have a problem with the rule of law on every level!!

Captain's Blog

Captain's Blog

Worth a look every now and then...

The Titanic and the United States

Frosty Wooldridge joined the show to summarize the problems associated with illegal immigration and why he believes it's the biggest problem facing America. Three million illegal immigrants enter the country each year, taking over jobs, and in some cases spreading Third World diseases such as leprosy and TB, he said.

More about Frosty Wooldridge at http://www.frostywooldridge.com/

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Sid Meier's Civilization IV,

2005 will witness the release of Sid Meier's Civilization IV, the latest and coolest installment in the greatest strategy game series of all time. Civilization IV features breathtaking 3D graphics, cool reward movies, brilliant audio and music, and, most importantly, the best and most addictive gameplay of any strategy game ever created. As a matter of fact, Time magazine has named Civ IV one of the hottest new games this year!

A game of remarkable depth, Civilization IV spans the entirety of human history, from the stone age to the space age. At the start you choose the nation you want to lead. At first, your people are primitive stone-age villagersand its your job to guide their development and research technologies to drive their advancement. They begin by discovering more primitive technologies such as sailing, archery, mysticism, and mining; eventually - if they survive - you will lead your people to the modern era and beyond, becoming the greatest ruler in history.

During the game, you will meet other growing civilizations - the United States, Mongolia, Persia, China, India, France - there are 18, each ruled by famous historical figures. Each civilization has its own special military units and strategies - some are fairly peaceful, while others are expansionists and conquerors. You will battle your foes with a huge arsenal of weapons, beginning with primitive archers and warriors, then catapults, knights and frigates, and eventually with modern tanks, submarines, mobile infantry, helicopter gunships, stealth bombers, and nuclear weapons. However, Civilization IV is more than just a great combat game: you can achieve victory through global conquest, diplomatic cunning, cultural or religious alliances, and technological dominance.

Sid Meier's Civilization IV offersthe most fun, addictive and visually exciting Civ experience ever. In addition to faster mid- and late-game AI turns, as well as vastly improved graphics and audio, Civilization IV offers greater control over your civilization's government and religions, while at the same time de-emphasizing the less fun portions of the earlier games (cleaning up pollution, for example). Further, Civilization IV has been designed from the ground-up to deliver fantastic multiplayer gaming options, as well as easy modding - allowing you to create new units, game maps, scenarios, and even entire new civilizations!

Sid Meier's Civilization IV is scheduled for release in winter of 2005. Check this space often for further updates.

First Look
Senior producer Barry Caudill provides IGN with their first look at Civilization IV. Read on...

Sid Meier's Civilization IV is Coming!!!!

The game that has been responsible for hours and hours of time spent in front of the PC, is releaseing CIV IV next month. I have already pre ordered... more at Firaxis Games: Games: Sid Meier's Civilization IV: